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What are settlement services?

Settlement services are the ways that we help you find answers to your questions and adjust to your life in Canada, whether you have arrived recently or have lived in Canada for many years.     Our settlement services are both free and confidential.

Whom do we help?

We provide settlement services to anyone born outside of Canada who is living in the Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton or Northumberland regions.  For people who cannot come to our Peterborough or Cobourg office, we offer services by phone or email.

Our Settlement Services

Our services focus on our mission to empower immigrants and refugees to become full and equal members of Canadian society:

  • Orientation to Life in Canada
  • Information on community and government programs
  • Referral to community and government programs
  • Help accessing community and government programs
  • Assistance with forms and applications related to settlement such as OHIP
  • Employment assistance
  • Connection to English language programs and services
  • Settlement Workers in the Schools
  • Settlement Resources: We can provide website addresses and guidebooks that will help you in your adjustment to living here in Peterborough.

Due to limitations in our capacity, we have to make choices about what services we can and cannot offer.  Because some services require large amounts of staff time, are beyond the scope of our mission, or require specialization that we do not possess, there are some we do not provide, including:

  • Completing forms or applications on your behalf, except where there are signficant language or other barriers
  • Assistance with non-Canadian applications such as foreign passports and visas
  • Legal advice or assistance with legal applications such as appeals
  • Immigration advice or representation

Although we do not provide these services, we can refer you to other organisations or resources where they exist.

Areas of Support:

We provide support in accessing services in the following areas:  Immigration, citizenship, housing, health, education, employment, labour, welfare & benefits, taxation, business, transportation, recreation, and more.

Peterborough Welcome Pass

The Peterborough Welcome Pass is a joint program of the Peterborough Immigration Partnership and its partner organisations. It is designed to give newcomers to Peterborough an introduction to all the different cultural, arts, and recreational spaces in the Peterborough area.