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Refugee Resettlement Support


In early September 2015, the New Canadians Centre hosted a workshop on refugee sponsorship in response to a large number of inquiries from the public as to how they could assist with the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Since that time, the New Canadians Centre has taken the lead in coordinating the community’s response by facilitating communication, collaboration and connections between community organisations and members as we work to welcome both privately sponsored and government assisted refugees.  This is community wide effort and response, and we gratefully thank the City of Peterborough, our community partners and the community as a whole for their support and assistance.  The way ahead brings many challenges, but also many rewards.

Update (October 10 2017)

We will continue to receive refugees as a Resettlement Assistance Program centre until July 2018. We expect to receive approximately 75 individuals.

Numbers to date (October 10 2017)

  • The New Canadians Centre has worked with almost 50 sponsorship groups in 5 counties
  • Approximately 330 refugees have settled in Peterborough; of these, approximately 1/3 are privately sponsored and 2/3 are government-assisted refugees
  • Almost 100 refugees have settled in surrounding counties (of these, almost all are privately sponsored refugees)
  • About half of all refugees are minors; most families have at least 2 children


How You Can Support Refugees

Become a volunteer and join a Support Team where you can share in a family’s new life in Canada, welcome them to Peterborough, make friends and learn about other cultures. We are matching every new family with a volunteer support team to assist new families throughout the integration process and help them navigate the community. To learn about this opportunity, please visit our Volunteer Page and find the Refugee Support Team Volunteer description.

Will it make a difference?
Yes!  The support groups have made a huge difference to the families who have arrived so far and even influences their decision whether to settle in Peterborough or not.  Our goal is to match every family with a support group – you can help us reach that goal.

If you are not able to commit your time to being part of a support group, you can also support newcomers by making a financial contribution.

We are not accepting donations of items at this time.  If new needs arise, we will update this page and put out requests via social media.


Resources for Current Volunteers