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Refugee Resettlement Support

Peterborough has officially been approved to receive government assisted refugees from April 2016 to March 2017!  See In the News and Current Activities for details.


Abraham Festival and Friends sponsorship group

In early September 2015, the New Canadians Centre hosted a workshop on refugee sponsorship in response to a large number of inquiries from the public as to how they could assist with the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Since that time, the New Canadians Centre has taken the lead in coordinating the community’s response by facilitating communication, collaboration and connections between community organisations and members as we work to welcome both privately sponsored and government assisted refugees.  This is community wide effort and response, and we gratefully thank the City of Peterborough, our community partners and the community as a whole for their support and assistance.  The way ahead brings many challenges, but also many rewards.

  • More information and details are available in the links below, as follows:
  • Sponsorship Groups – List of current sponsorship groups plus resources for sponsorship groups or those thinking of forming one
  • Housing Form, Donations & Support – Information on how you can get involved
  • Local Efforts in the News – Some media coverage of our work
  • Connecting to Others –  Information on Facebook and other ways to connect with others working with refugees


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